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Advanced Operations and AWS Lambda

AWS is well known for providing opportunities for cost reduction and elimination of “undifferentiated heavy lifting” in IT operations; however, these benefits are only the tip of the iceberg. RunAsCloud works together with customers to facilitate operations and take it to the next level. One key tool in this endeavor is AWS Lambda.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is an incredibly versatile tool; as AWS succinctly puts it, “AWS Lambda lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers.” Although its primary use case is generally for serverless applications, Lambda is also a great fit for Operations.

Scheduled Tasks

A Lambda function can be scheduled to run periodically or at specific times, thereby replacing the “administrative” server whose entire job is to run scheduled tasks. Furthermore, since the computing capacity for Lambda is virtually limitless, multiple tasks can be scheduled at once, or a single task fanned out into a limitless number of other tasks, with no servers to manage or concerns about capacity.

Advanced Infrastructure as Code

AWS CloudFormation allows you to represent all your AWS infrastructure - from the entire VPC network to each individual Lambda function - as code. As powerful as it is, however, AWS CloudFormation can only natively be used to create AWS Resources. At times, you may need to invoke a non-AWS service to successfully build your stack; for example, you may need to call an external service to set up a unique endpoint for your EC2 Instance to call during its bootstrap. A Lambda function invoked by CloudFormation (known as a Lambda-backed Custom Resource) can fill in any gaps in CloudFormation’s native capabilities.

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